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Where Experience Meets Entrepreneurship

Blacknox (BKNX, LLC) leverages the collective wisdom of a team forged from diverse backgrounds, each boasting specialized skills honed over three decades in business strategy, marketing, product development, brand building, business development, data science, and market positioning.  Our founders have blended their individual expertise to create a consultancy that seamlessly integrates with your industry-specific knowledge, providing decades of hard-earned insights to help you reach short term milestones and long term goals.

As fellow entrepreneurs, we comprehend the challenges of feeling overwhelmed, uncertain about some aspects of your plan, and the urgency to generate cash flow. We’ve been there, and we’re here to help. From the earliest pre-launch stages through launch, growth, and fundraising, our team becomes your strategic partner. Choosing Blacknox means leveraging three decades of knowledge and experience to help you navigate and execute.

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Meet @teamblacknox

Brad Nickel

Strategy / Product / Marketing / Biz Dev

Brad is a technology geek at heart and a marketing expert by profession. He’s the guy that spends a lot of time tinkering with tech and coming up with ideas to position products and platforms to fulfill a market need.

Keith Alan

Strategy / Content / Marketing / Ops

Keith is a driving force in identifying opportunities, navigating challenges and delivering success. At Blacknox, his unique blend of entrepreneurial spirit, strategic insight and content marketing experience is a key asset, fostering creative solutions for his clients.

Dr. Steven F. Browdy

Tech / Development

Dr. Browdy is the President and CTO of OMS Tech, Inc., a mathematical and scientific software consulting firm. He has a Ph.D. in Mathematics and has over 30 years of experience in education and software development.

Austin Gaines

Biz Dev / Fundraising

The keel that keeps the team’s creative minds on track, Austin is a successful business owner and entrepreneur that has been actively engaged in Miami’s philanthropic and business communities for decades.


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