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Are you ready to get into Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency mining?

The Miami Mining Company is a pooled cryptocurrency mining operation. The idea is to use the latest in mining hardware to mine a variety of cryptcurrencies based on the level of profitability of each currency at any given time. The pooled mining means that everyone shares in the profits and expenses of the total operation.

The Miami Mining Company is a membership organization with each member paying an initial signup fee, an annual membership fee in order to maintain the infrastructure of the mining operation, and a small percentage of the mined profits. The majority of coins mined are paid directly to miner wallets on a monthly basis.

All phase 1 membership slots are reserved, but if you would like to be included on our membership waitlist for phase 2, please use the contact form below.

We are currently building out our technology and organizational infrastructure Our expected phase 1 mining launch is 2nd quarter of 2018.