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Listen to “CryptoBiz Ep. 1 – How to ICO Part 1 – Narrow Your Strategic Focus / An ICO for a Mall? The SEC and you.” on Spreaker.


What is going on with the SEC and what you need to know for your cryptocurrency / blockchain business.

Why our CTO isn’t allowed on the podcast. Please don’t tell him. 🙂

Crypto News

SEC Compliance: How to navigate the regulatory environment despite a lack of new policy. (6:04-13:54)

Startup Does & Don’ts: RockerCoin – How a great idea went bad all in one white paper.

Startup Does & Don’ts: Let’s shred an ICO…Rockercoin Italia! RockerCoin ICO from anti-counterfeiting to a mall? (18:41-28:46)

How to narrow your strategic focus for your business and cryptocurrency/ICO project.

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